by Gegham Abrahamyan and Deane McGahan

May 30 2024 – August 15 2024
Kirkland Art Gallery

Contemporary Fine Art Gallery in Kirkland WA

NYB Gallery is a Fine Art Gallery located at the scenic lakeside Carillon Point Plaza in Kirkland, Washington – on the eastside of greater Seattle. NYB’s Kirkland Art Gallery exhibits museum quality contemporary fine art - through our ongoing solo and group exhibitions. We also provide private fine art advisory services for collectors and customized art consulting assignments for residential & commercial spaces. Featured artwork includes contemporary abstract, figurative paintings, conceptual photography and leading-edge installations & sculptures. NYB’s curator has international architecture/interior design experience, combined with contemporary fine art collection & sales over the past 10 years. These backgrounds are applied for a personal and customized approach to each client project. We invite both experienced collectors & those looking to enjoy contemporary fine art as a new experience to our fine art gallery Kirkland WA.

Kirkland Fine Art Gallery

NYB Gallery presents artwork by both established and young emerging artists of great potential, who increasingly are recognized quickly in this digital age. Nandini Valli Muthiah, BASED IN Mumbai, India – whose work is part of our gallery archive, was one of the featured artists at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) in its Indian contemporary artists group exhibition “City Dweller” at the Seattle Art Museum (2014-2015). And NYB Gallery’s Opening Exhibition “Untying Space” (2019) by the artist Sun K. Kwak from New York presented her well known masking tape Space Drawing, which has also been performed by & exhibited at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York (2010), the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (2007) and a number of other leading global museums. We welcome you to come experience our Kirkland contemporary fine art gallery and be introduced to our custom curated international contemporary fine art. NYB Gallery’s upcoming exhibition "Lyrically Subconscious" starting April, 2020 will feature the photography of Prajakta Potnis from Mumbai, India. Her work has been exhibited at and collected by the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Germany (2019), Queens Museum at Bulova, New York (2015), and others. At our Kirkland Art Gallery we feature unique and cutting edge work that can also be a good long term investment for your home or commercial/ public space.

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Kirkland Art Galleries

Asian Contemporary Fine Art Gallery Kirkland WA

NYB Gallery presents international contemporary fine art through the lens of its Founder’s personal journey, which has taken her from Northeast Asia, to Europe, to North America, to far Southeast Asia, the Middle East and now finally back to North America. Through these experiences one commonality discovered has been a very core basic human quality we all share regardless of country or race, that being the appreciation of masterpiece artwork created by great artists. A great piece of art in the right space (after considering all detailed elements of each client project) helps contribute to a gentle yet sophisticated high-end quality of living, either in private homes or workspaces - or public settings. The artwork displayed can define the character of a space and help set the atmosphere of that environment. When you visit our contemporary fine art gallery, we look to engage with you to understand your personal needs, preferences and budget. And to recommend suitable artwork for you, whether it be through the mediums of stunning paintings on canvas, cutting edge photography and/or art installations. We value each visit to our art gallery Kirkland WA, and offer a comfortable environment for you to build a relationship/connection with our gallery space and the artwork/ artists we are exhibiting on an ongoing and ever evolving basis.

Kirkland Art Galleries

Great artwork can affect us in each moment and on an ongoing basis and connect with the inner experience and emotions of each individual in different ways. The work may uplift, or console, or provoke, or comfort. It may embrace or enhance qualities we may already be aware of within us or bring out completely new thoughts or emotions hidden inside ourselves. It may automatically create a deep connection within that very moment, as meditation between oneself and the artwork. And there the relationship with the artwork begins. At NYB Gallery it is our humble pleasure to share and introduce to the Kirkland Art Galleries market what we are seeing in the international contemporary art scene. NYB Gallery primarily specializes in Asian contemporary fine art, which has become well established in the global art market over the past few decades, but still has more to come – following on from African art which has already been big in the contemporary market for a long time.
We intend this to bring new experiences to and opportunities for local art lovers and artists – and play an additive and synergizing role in our local fine art market.

Art Gallery Kirkland WA
Contemporary Fine Art Gallery in Kirkland WA

International Contemporary Fine Art Gallery Kirkland WA

In this fast moving and constantly changing digital age we strive to recommend & provide artwork that, as a result of the focused creative human energy of the artist – poured into individual pieces, helps stabilize and nurture our state of mind. This is what to look for in fine art. And we channel that energy into our lives. Our goal at NYB fine art gallery Kirkland WA is to help you discover the pieces that inspire you, the pieces that make you feel comfortable, and the pieces that bring out your inner creativity. We look to provide an authentic complete Journey from an artist’s studio on the other side of the world to our local public community – seeking to find a spiritual and intellectual place deep inside each and all of us here that choose to experience it. We want to play an active role to nurture and enrich our local art scene so that it may be wider, more accessible and more impactful – adding further to the great quality of life that already exists in the Pacific Northwest.

Private Fine Art Advisory Kirkland

NYB Gallery also offers Private Fine Art Advisory as an extension of its in-gallery offerings. In this work we seek to discretely understand the needs of each client’s private or public space project. Through the base of our leading Kirkland art gallery we recommend thoughtful and affecting artwork through a variety of mediums. We study your needs and personal preferences, as these factors are essential in suggesting appropriate work for you and the space/project you may choose to acquire/exhibit artwork for. Please visit us and the work we have on exhibition at any time during our normal retail hours, or outside these hours on prior appointment. We also serve many clients in the neighboring communities like Bellevue as well. If you’re looking for a Bellevue art gallery then take a short drive and come stop by! Your experiences with us and feedback are an essential part of our growth story, we look forward to meeting you!

Asian Contemporary Fine Art Gallery Kirkland WA